RightChanges' judi adams is available
to speak at your next event!

Judi Adams of RightChanges is available to speak at your next event. The following are some of the topics Ms. Adams has previously presented:

  • • Essentials of Today's Job Market
  • • Processing the Loss / Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle of the Job Search
  • • Soft skills - the Winning Advantage
  • • Appreciation at Work: Know your Language of Appreciate to be Happier.
  • • The 4 P's to a Successful Interview
  • • The 4 P's of Productive Networking
  • • The 4 P's of Personal Branding
  • • The Most Underutilized Job Search Tool: the Informal Interview
  • Aptitude Workshop: Identifying and Selling Your Competitive Advantage (to land that Job Or Promotion)
  • • 50 STAR's - Identifying 50 of Your Accomplishments
  • • The Networking Guide
  • • Now That you are Employed (Action items in order to be ready for the next transition).
  • • Overcoming the Overqualified: The Job Transition for the Experienced (Older) Job Seeker.
  • • Trained But No Experience: The Job Transition for the Recent Graduate.
  • • The 4 Deadly Sins in the Job Search
  • • Exponentially Multiply the Chances of Finding and Landing the Job you Want.
  • • Found a Job Yet? And other Questions you Hate to Hear! How to Involve Family & Friends in Your Search.
  • • What Friends, Spouses, and Parents Need to Know
  • • How to Thrive (not just Survive) as a job seeker during the holidays.
  • • Expediently multiply your chances of Success (Networking and the Networking Guide).
  • • How and Where to do the Research needed for a job search.

Topics can be tailored for your audience.